Hotel intrduction
Hotel intrduction


The Nile Hotel subordinates in the Beijing University upright group the subsidiary company - - Dong guan three Yuan Ying Hui investment development Limited company, It is take the Egyptian culture as the subject standard five-star hotel. In the Dong guan, number one. 

The hotel located at China biggest subject shopping parks in the south new MALL•life city, the shopping, plays is near at hand. Close neighbor Dong guan central station, broad deep high speed and 107 federal highways. Good communications, excellent surroundings! 

The hotel altogether has 303 rooms, 3 luxurious dining rooms, West style lofty dining room, 59 between high-level Caesar the KTV rooms. It may meet the different need the size conference room, luxurious comfortable leisure office. It the collection lodging, the dining, the robust, the entertainment, the conference affair in a body, the Egyptian culture characteristic fill the beginning to end, places oneself in which, places the foreign land as if! It is s the visitor first choice “outside the family the family”!

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